20 Best Ear Piercing Ideas to Try in 2021

Assolari's ear piercing ideas will convince that you need to curate your ear RN!

It's the season of ear piercings! If you’ve scrolled through IG or Pinterest in the last year, you’re well aware that ear piercings ideas are very much a thing right now. A carefully and beautifully curated ear is now THE way to show your style and edgy vibe.

Whether you’re into layered piercing studs, stacked huggie hoop earrings, or edgy cartilage piercing earrings, you can’t really go wrong when it comes to designing your ear curation. The secret to reach a modern piercing look is to cater the best piercings to your ear and your aesthetic.

There are several types of ear piercings, and we know that creating a different and cute curated ear might be a struggle. While the types and combinations of ear piercings you choose are up to you, we're here to help you make an informed decision by sharing the the coolest piercing trends to try in 2021.

Upgrading your ear piercings with gold cartilage earrings

All looks are curated with Assolari's gold cartilage earrings. If the last time you got an ear piercing was at Claire's, then you can upgrade your piercing look with gorgeous solid gold cartilage earrings that we have in our shop. Assolari has a ton of cute piercing earrings in solid gold to mix and match.

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Ear Piercing Ideas for Different Types of Ear Piercings


The big secret to create a cute look for your cartilage piercings is to mix and match all types of gold cartilage earrings! Add sparkly huggie earrings, yellow gold earrings, sparkly piercing studs, and chains to see your ear party look come together.


You don't need to have an ear fully stacked of piercings to make a statement—go for a row of five lobe piercings. Mix and match huggie hoop earrings, flat back earrings, and chain jackets to create a bold look.


This look can give you a lot of ear piercing ideas. If you’ve got the space for it, why not upgrade your double helix piercing to a triple helix piercing? Highly recommend pairing these with different huggie earrings because, um, look.


Layering diamond-like studs along your cartilage is a quick way to take your ear game to the next level. Opt for mini stud earrings for your conch piercing and ear lobe to make the look extra unique and dainty, and put a tiny hoop in your forward helix piercing to make it more stylish!


Love yellow gold jewelry? Work your way up to this all-around multiple ear cartilage piercings so you can wear as many gold cartilage earrings as you damn well please.


You can make you ear piercing look extra cool when you add up chains and charms. Your cartilage jewelry collection will not be complete without them!


Want something different than the classic yellow gold hoop? Try a sparkly huggie hoop earrings and flat back earrings. Oh! Don't forget to also add your chain jackets for earrings!


This subtle ear-piercing idea is perfect for anyone who stays away from statement jewelry. Intercalate sparkly studs and tiny hoops, and create a unique curated ear.


Not ready for a conch piercing? You can fake it until you make it with a cute ear cuff.


This look can give you a lot of ear piercing ideas if you want to balance your ear piercings. Double dangly earrings for ear lobes, double studs for cartilage piercing, and hoops for helix piercings.




CHAIN  earring JACKET, $50


twisted huggie earring, $110



There's nothing prettier than a stack of hoop earrings, so why not go full throttle and layer five or six on one ear? I love the idea of adding a chain earring for even more dimension.


Not sure how to style your double helix piercings? Try adding a piercing stud and a huggie earring for a chic look! Another thing that makes this ear piercing idea super cute is the tiny stud in the conch piercing.


If a conch piercing seems a liiittle out of your pain threshold, consider trying out daith piercings. They level up the look like nothing else!


There’s just something extra cool about a double helix piercing, but double helix piercing with conch piercing? That’s seriously next level.


Tragus piercing may be dainty, but they can really make a statement when you coordinate your jewelry with whatever’s on your ear (like this ear piercing idea). Also, daith piercings look very dainty with a classic gold daith piercing hoop.


Rook piercing put the ear curation at another level. Edgy and chic rook piercings are for those that want to make a statement.


Conch piercing can definitely be on the painful side, but when they look this good, it’s hard not to just try it out. Keep it simple with our Cristina flat back earrings.


Not into the symmetrical vibe? Curate your ear piercings however you damn please, like this cute flat piercing, conch piercing, and lobe piercing combination.


This constellation piercing is accessorized with the perfect blend of studs, hoops, and bling.


Another constellation piercing idea to make your ear piercing look sparkle like starlight!



Upgrade your ear piercing stack. Shop from our exclusive gold cartilage earrings.


huggie earrings

Discover our exclusive collection of teeny tiny hoops and transform your ear piercing look.


flat back earrings

Dainty and comfortable, our barbell and flat back earrings are a stunning addition to your ear piercing look.


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